The best electric skateboard

Electric Skateboard, Electric Longboard,  Skateboard
Why you should buy this electric skateboard
Combines comfort, performance and durability for the ultimate riding experience.
Who it’s for: Avid skaters looking to incorporate a welcome electric assist into their daily grind.
How much will it cost?  799$

Why We Chose the All-terrain Jupiter-01

For many of the best things in the world, there's simply no better choice than the All-terrain Jupiter-01, a 9.9KG longboard designed for effortless riding, comfort and control. It all starts with the composite deck, an adaptable recessed platform designed for comfortable long-distance riding across multiple terrain types. From steep 25% grades to flat city streets filled with passersby, it feels sturdy and natural. This is also due in part to the latest drivetrain improvements, which feature a strictly CNC truck that provides more push and pull when you need it.

Electric Skateboard, Electric Longboard,  Skateboard

There are four different modes to choose from for those who want to push the board to its maximum speed of 24mph. Switching between each speed level using the Bluetooth remote is quick and easy, and there isn't much of a "shifting" feel to speak of. The overall torque is tight and consistent, especially in the higher speed ranges, and the overall acceleration/deceleration is top notch. The six-inch Honeycomb wheels grip extremely well, which is a good safety consideration, but a bit of a hindrance for performers who want to make moves and weave in and out of crowds.

Electric Skateboard, Electric Longboard,  Skateboard

All-terrain Jupiter-01
may not be the best choice for first-time e-skaters, but those who have been playing for a while will know they have a good grip the moment their feet hit the deck.

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Electric Skateboard, Electric Longboard,Skateboard

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