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Electric skateboard

    A little over a month ago I finally pulled the trigger on an electric skateboard. I didn't have a lot to spend and it was obviously going to be a new experience. But I had high hopes of having a commuter vehicle that didn't involve a transmission. I'd seen a lot of really impressive boards but really didn't know much. I've been reading where I could, the number one principal was that I'm in over 200 lb frame that needs to go to work with a 30 lb backpack. I didn't want to ride an electric vehicle that was going to be maxing out just to carry me.

When I found @jkingelectricskate had a 330 lb capacity I knew that it was going to be more than capable of getting me around. I wasn't afraid of breaking it or wearing out the battery or the gears.
JKING|The Best Electric Skateboards |Electric Longboard Shop
I went with the Jupiter-2, which is an incredibly affordable skateboard, some 500 to $1,000 less than some other options I've seen. When it arrived (quickly) I immediately took to the streets and this thing COOKS! I've probably used my car three or four times in the last 6 weeks, and it is done so much for my mental health. Just the act of riding to work opens my body and my senses up to my surroundings as a point of safety. This bleeds into the rest of my day where I just feel more engaged with the world around me. I've caught in the rain, I've been able to pick up shifts at all four gym locations where I work, in one day sprawling from uptown to Edgewater to West town and back.
JKING|The Best Electric Skateboards |Electric Longboard Shop
JKing is a young company and I'm so lucky I found them because I feel like their elevator is only going up. I messaged them asking for ways that I could help get the name out, didn't push it too much but they were pretty responsive!

About 1 week later they messaged me out of the blue and offered to send me another model skateboard that they have. The Jupiter-01. This is their all-terrain board with a belt motor. Slightly more power and easy on the feet. Like an SUV next to my cruiser.

Their confidence in their product, along with a thoughtfully written note is definitely the kind of company I'm proud to support. Having two boards is going to embolden me to push some thresholds. Endurance runs, off-roading.

More adventures to come!



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