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E-skateboards are popular these days because they are great for commuting and bring a lot of fun to adults and young people alike. However, the best electric skateboards are not very affordable if you just want to catch up with the trend as a beginner.
Electric skateboards have a reputation for being overpriced, but as the market becomes more competitive, quality cheap electric skateboards are starting to emerge.
In this guide, we break down the cheapest electric skateboards that still boast solid features and performance. Read on to find our review of the top picks and an in-depth guide with buying considerations that will help you make the right purchase.

Cheapest Electric Skateb

1. All-terrain Jupiter-01

Best under $799
Top speed: 254 mph
Range: 18 miles
Weight: 22 lbs
Motor: 1650W*2
Dimensions: 42 x 12 x 6 inches
Warranty: 12 months
Topping the list is the incredible All-terrain Jupiter-01, an all-terrain electric skateboard that is synonymous with great speed, comfort and control, and an impressive range.
We tested the board for over 120 miles over a 3-month period and it dazzled us in every conceivable way. We timed the top speed at 25.2 mph and were able to get 18.2 miles of range in a real-world riding scenario where the average speed was 15.2 mph.
The statistics speak for themselves. This electric skateboard is unbeatable in terms of value. No other motherboard offers such consistent performance at this price point.
The steel trucks are huge and reliable, and together with the cushioned bushings, they effectively eliminate speed oscillations - even at high speeds. Thanks to its powerful 6" PU wheels, this board feels incredibly sculpted and accelerates very quickly thanks to the powerful 2x1650W hub motor.
The board is much stronger and weighs 22 pounds, so you definitely don't want to carry around too much. But when you're riding it, the feel is second to none on this list.
Four adjustable speed and braking modes provide a customized ride for your specific skill level, and as you get more comfortable with it, you can gradually unleash the full power of this beast.
Adjustable braking strength is an absolutely critical aspect of the e-skate ride that many skateboards lack, so it's a huge shout out to jking for including it on the All-terrain Jupiter-01.
If you want the best hardware and specs and don't care about the slightly higher weight, this is the best electric skateboard you'll get for under $799.
Deal: Use the coupon at checkout to get $30 off.

2. Jupiter-02

Best under $600
Top speed: 26 mph
Range: 22 miles
Weight: 19.4 lbs
Motor: 450W*2
Size: 38.2 x 10 x 5.3 inches
Warranty: 12 months
The Jupiter-02 is arguably the best electric skateboard under $600 for riding around campus. With a powerful 900-watt motor, a top speed of 26 mph, and three different riding modes, both beginners and competent riders can enjoy themselves.
Although very lightweight, the Jupiter-02 can still travel up to 22 miles on a single charge thanks to its high-quality battery and regenerative braking design.
Not only is the Jupiter-02 efficient, but it also looks absolutely beautiful. The mesmerizing LED light strip on the bottom is sure to turn heads.
The deck is made of sturdy Canadian maple material and the Jupiter-02 uses smart PVC pellets on top of the deck instead of regular grip tape. This provides all the benefits of regular grip tape, but eliminates the annoyance of nasty scratches on your arms and clothing while carrying. There isn't much flex in the deck, so this electric skateboard performs best in good road conditions.
The Jupiter-02 comes with an ergonomic Bluetooth remote control that lets you switch between three different riding modes, and it has an overall IP65 rating, which means it's highly water and dust resistant.
The custom-designed 45-degree Jupiter-02 trucks are an absolute pleasure to ride. They are very smooth and provide solid shock absorption to keep you stable even at high speeds.
We highly recommend the Jupiter-02 if you want to be very efficient and get great value for money when riding around campus or in good road conditions.

3. Jking H2B

Best under $300
Top speed: 16.7 mph
Range: 8.2 miles
Weight: 21 lbs
Motor: 350W x 2
Dimensions: 38.2 x 10 x 5.3 inches
Warranty: 12 months
If speed is a top priority, you'll love this inexpensive electric skateboard that costs less than $300. It has a top speed of 16.7 mph and smooth acceleration. It doesn't skimp on other features, either, like a great battery and ride modes. If you're happy or expect to be happy with high speeds, then the Jking H2B is a good choice.
Let's get into the battery and motor first. This affordable electric skateboard features dual brushless hub motors with 350 watts each and a Samsung lithium-ion battery. The batteries charge when the brakes are applied. When the board needs to be plugged in, it takes 2-3 hours to complete. The battery gives you a maximum range of 8.2 to 12 miles, depending on the rider's weight, weather and other factors. Three riding modes also affect speed, with beginner mode getting you to 8.5, intermediate mode to 12.75, and proficiency mode unlocking a top speed of 16.7 mph. All modes have the same lean rate of 25-30%. Wireless Remote Control

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Best Electric Skateboard - Sourcing Guide (One)
Best Electric Skateboard - Sourcing Guide (One)

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