Electric skateboard purchase frequently asked questions & answers

Electric skateboard purchase frequently asked questions & answers
Is it worth getting an electric skateboard?
With an electric skateboard, you can get to where you need to be quickly and affordably. While normal non-electric skateboards and longboards will make you sweaty for work or class, an electric skateboard will give you a nice relaxing ride without exerting too much effort. It's Fun and Cool!
How much does a good electric skateboard cost?
An electric skateboard costs from $200 to several thousand dollars. The most popular electric skateboards cost between $400 and $2.000. The price varies from model to model.
What do I need to know before buying an electric skateboard?
  • Motor Type. The main thing to consider here is whether your motor is a hub motor or belt-driven system. ...
  • Wattage. ...
  • Speed, Range and Charge Time Rates. ...
  • Deck Style and Materials. ...
  • Board Weight. ...
  • Weight Capacity. ...
  • Warranty, Customer Support, and Spare Parts.
      How long do electric boards last?
If the board and battery are maintained properly then a Li-Ion Battery (Standard Battery) will last for 300-1000 charge cycles before reaching 80% of its capacity (the international standard to rating cycle life). That means if you use your electric skateboard daily the battery will last for about 1-3 years.

How Far Can electric skateboards go?

Depending on the model, electric skateboards can go up to 12-20 miles on average without charging. High models can go up to 50 miles. However, these advertised range claims are stated by the manufacturers and it doesn't necessarily mean that the e-boards will last that many miles.

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